Friday, February 22, 2013

Prompt Med visit

My son and grandson are visiting this weekend and we had a unexpected visit to the local prompt med this morning. David tripped over a toy and fell on another toy and cut his chin open. We went and he had to have 5 stitches.

I know he will have more bumps and bruises as he grows, but the first trip for stitches is the worst, especially for this grandma who had to help hold his down while they put the stitches in. Not something I want to do again EVER !!!

So when we got home grandma decided that maybe David needed a super cape since he did such a good job getting sewed up. So I made him a Super Hulk cape. He loves watching the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two small finishes and a WIP

I have a touch of spring fever...I'm tired of all this cold nasty weather. So to help me cope I've done a couple small flowery designs. 

 This is a pot a poppies that I want to use as the center of a fabric covered journal. 

And this iris I will be framing with a mat of material and including it in a spring swap package.

This weekend I am taking a break from my birdhouses and working on my bear trio. This Fancy Bear is the first one in the set. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wedding in October 2012

If you have read very many of my posts, your probably already know that I have a son, Justin, who is getting married on October 19, 2013. His wife to be is Krista, and she is just a joy to be around. I am so looking forward to having her as my dear daughter in law. This is the happy couple at Christmas.

Krista has asked me to crochet her a flower girl basket and  to knit a ring bearer pillow. We have picked out the patterns, but I'm waiting on the yarn to come in. 

I also plan on making this for a wedding gift, which I plan on starting this weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day !!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!!

I hope you all have a very good and safe day !! My hubby come in a while ago with a dozen long stem yellow roses. He also got a dozen red ones for my mom ! He's such a sweetheart !!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Totally Useless Stitch A-long

Over at the "It's Daffycat" Blog there is a Totally Useless Stitch A-long going I joined in. Basically what it is, is that you get a glass container and keep all you stitching ends and such from your projects in it, and once a month you post with a picture of them. At the end of the year, some ladies have them put the scraps into a clear glass ornament, dated it with the year, and used it as a Christmas ornament.  Not sure what I'll do with mine yet.

Also wanted to show  you my babies...furbabies that is...This is Miss Maggie (on bottom) and her daughter Miss Bella. (the belly and beard is my hubby !)

Hope you have a great Sunday afternoon/evening !!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Coupons, stitching, and reading


My hubby is a army vet, so we try to do things to help support our troops. A few months ago while visiting my sister, she told me about a group called Coups for Troops. They have volunteers through the United States that collect expired coupons and mail them to overseas military families, who can then use them to save money at the on-base grocery stores. Military stores will accept coupons up to 6 months after they have expired. So I signed up as a collector point.  We now get anywhere from 2 to 5 envelops of coupons in the mail almost daily. Some are small envelops with 10 coupons in them but others are large envelops with 100s of coupons in them. Hubby and I sit and sort each package of coupons into boxes: expired or valid. I use some of the valid ones, and then ship the rest when the expire.

This morning we went shopping with my coupon binder. We went to 5 different stores and only bought things we had coupons for. We used over 200 coupons and saved over $300. Yes it takes time to sort and file the coupons into catagories. Yes it takes time to go though the sale ads and find the best deals on things, but when you can shopping and bring home over $500 worth of groceries/paper goods/etc. while spending less that $'s worth it. 

Plus we mail an average mailing 2 or 3 boxes of expired coupons to the troops at month, which helps our military families save money's called Paying it Forward !!! everyone on should try does the heart and soul good !!! 

( free free to get my name from the Coups for Troops site, and mail me coupons )


 Here is what it looked like last week:
Here it is today. 

Lords Supper (HAED)...I ordered the cloth so I'm waiting on it to come so I can start. 

Wedding announcement: I ordered and received the cloth, and have floss sorted and ready, so now I just need to get started.

This is what I'm reading right now. It's the first JD Robb book I've read, even thought I've read alot of Nora Roberts books.

Ok so that's what I've been up to...what have you been doing????

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My first HAED design

I just bought my first Heaven and Earth Design. When I was small there was a picture of the Last Supper hanging in the hallway of our church. I use to stand and stare at it. So tonight while looking though their patterns I found this:

and I bought it, downloaded it...and printed it. Now I just got to find the linen and get all 90 (yes I said 90) colors of DMC floss needed to do it. I can't excited.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone !! I can thankfully say we survived the storms of last night in one piece. It did get pretty bad for a few minutes. Hubby woke me up and we sat in the hallway with the dogs and blankets just in case. The worst part only lasted about 30 minutes, but that 30 minutes felt like a lifetime. I'm just glad that all my family and friends, and ourselves are safe today. 

Yesterday I ventured into the room from "H"..aka my sewing/craft room. It is a total mess. I need desperately to get in there and do some sorting and cleaning. While in there I did however find some things I had forgotten I had (if you can imagine that...)..

First I found (and started on) this cute little hanging kit. I started it last night. I thought it would be a nice gift for a friend.

I also found 3 cute bear kits. This is the one I decided to do first. I am going to make it my "bedroom" project. I usually keep a small project beside my bed to work on while I watch tv..

and then....I found this...a really adorable wedding announcement. Of course the first thing I thought of was "OH I can do this this for Justin and Krista". Who if you don't know is my son and soon to be daughter in law. Their wedding is planned for October 19th. What ya think, Can I get it done by then???

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend progress.

I worked solely on my birdhouse project this past weekend. I got quite a bit done!!

 This was Friday night.

This was Monday morning.

I'm loving the way it's coming out !!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Hermit Weekend

It's cold outside. High today is suppose to be 31 degrees. That's cold!! or at least for me it is. I HATE WINTER. I hate wearing coats, gloves, hats, etc. I'm a shorts and flip flops type of gal. LOVE  LOVE LOVE the spring, summer and fall weather....winter..ummmm not so much.

Tomorrow we are suppose to get freezing rain and sleet all afternoon...oh joy!! So I am declaring this weekend a HERMIT WEEKEND. I wish I could say the idea was mine own, but I can't. Its kind of a long story.

A few weeks ago a knitting friend called me and asked if I would like to have some cross stitch stuff. Her mother in law had passed away some months ago, leaving behind a huge stockpile of cross stitch items. My friend is a knitter, not a cross stitcher, but she knew I dabbled in it all, so she said I could have it all.

Well, I have to admit my hubby was not overjoyed by this idea, but I did talk him into going with me to get the stuff. Well I was totally blown away by the amount of stuff we got!! 2 huge cardboard boxes, and 5 under the bed totes totally full of stuff. Plus a ton of pattern books...probably 300 or more.

So when we got home, I had to go through a kid at Christmas. And of course I found tons of patterns that I would love to do. So I started one.....and I have actually finished it already. So I started another one.

Here is the one I've finished so far. My soon to be daughter in law (wedding is in October...I'm sure you will be hearing more about it later.) loves cats. She has 3 black cats that she adores. So when I saw a pattern book with cats, I immediately thought of Krista. I did this and plan to get it framed and giving it to her for either a wedding gift, a shower gift, or birthday...not sure which. 

So when I finished the first one, I was hooked. So I went stash diving and found this:

Its a Bucilla kit called The Birdhouses. I love it. It will be a Christmas gift for someone..haven't decided who yet.  

So back to the Hermit Weekend ....I started looking at Cross Stitch blogs and found so many great ones. I never realized how many great blogs there were about cross stitching. I first found Debbie's Cross Stitch.
She is a very avid cross stitcher who has so many projects going at once...I don't know who she keeps them straight. I thoroughly enjoyed going through her blog...which lead me to Heather's Stitching Story. OMG..another wonderful blog. I'm so jealous of all the wonderful pieces these ladies have finished. So on Heather's blog I found the Hermit tab...and nosy me had to check it out. To my surprise, there is actually planned weekends to be a Hermit and stitch!! Who would have thought of such a thing!!! So last  weekend Jan. 18-20th was the "official" International Hermit and Stitch" weekend, but since I missed it. I have declared this weekend my catch up Hermit weekend.

So as soon as I get this typed up and posted, and then fix hubby's lunch (men eat way too much !!) I plan on relaxing in my recliner and doing some cross stitching. I took a picture of my progress as of last night so I can show you all. 

So what are you all doing this weekend??? Are you knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, sewing, etc???

Let me know. I would love to hear about you progress !!

Friday, January 25, 2013

I have decided....

I have decided that I am a terrible blogger and/or podcaster. I have good intentions who I start things, but not so good in the follow through. But after looking at my life in general, I can honestly say that this has been a problem my whole life. Some people are starters, and some people are finishers....I'm a starter. This is especially true in my crafting. I love it all...I want to do it all...I buy stuff to do it all...I start things, get bored or tired or whatever, and I start something new. I guess it's the thrill of new beginnings. Ya, that's it...the thrill of new beginnings...that is what is wrong in my life. I like the newness thrill....but shouldn't it be the other way around. Should I feel the "thrill" when things are done and completed??? Wouldn't that make more sense?? Not for me apparently !!!!

So what have I started today?? well nothing..YET, but the day isn't over yet--it's only 8pm..I still have 4 or 5 hours before I go to bed. Ummmm wonder how many things I can start in that time ?????? Tune in tomorrow and find out....